Agro Industry

Innodis Poultry Ltd is one of the largest chicken producers in Mauritius, with a fully vertically integrated business model comprising of breeding operations, hatchery, broiler farms, processing and further processing plants. We are also active in the regional market as we export poultry products and chicks to Madagascar and operate a broiler farm and processing plant in Mozambique. In the past, we have also provided technical and consultancy services for the implementation of poultry farms in Nigeria and Angola.




Quality standards and continuous improvement

Regular cleaning to ensure
strict hygiene

Innodis Poultry Ltd pays special attention to animal welfare and complies with International Codes of Practices for poultry production. Our chicken are reared in cage-free houses which are naturally ventilated with unrestricted access to feed and water.

Innodis Poultry Ltd produces chicken under the brands Prodigal™Carmen™ and Le Poulet Fermier™. This latter is a unique and exclusive free-range brand, reserved for chicken reared in the open and having access to pasture. 


ISO 22000 certification in 2009
ISO 22000 certification in 2009


The company pays special attention to animal welfare and complies with International Codes of Practices for Poultry Production. Our chicken are reared in cage-free houses which are naturally ventilated and have unrestricted access to feed and water.

Innodis Poultry Ltd, the company in the Group, which houses all of our poultry operations, produces chicken under the brands Prodigal™, Carmen™ as well as our unique and exclusive free-range brand, Le Poulet Fermier™. This latter brand is reserved for chicken reared in the open as per standards for free-range chicken.



Antibiotics Free Chicken 

All our chicken are provided with a cereal-based (maize and soya) feed enriched with vitamins and minerals. The feed does not contain any animal by-products, colorants or any antibiotics. No growth hormones are used during any production phase.



Further Processed Products

Innovation is an essential part of our strategy. Our Further Processing Facility has allowed us to broaden our offering with value added chicken products, such as breaded steaks, burgers, nuggets and unique products such as sausages and smoked chicken. It has also allowed us to make further inroads in new markets. Our association with Nando's as a supplier and our long-standing relationship with our customers in the catering business are clear evidence of our flexibility to adapt to changing consumer trends.


Food Safety

Food Safety is always a top priority for us and we have strict controls and safeguards at every stage of our processes. Our management practices in line with theCodex Alimentariusand other international standards and benchmarks as evidenced by our multiple quality and food safety certifications (See above).



Sustainable development & Green Iniatives

  • Bio-digestor and Composter

Innodis Poultry Ltd is committed towards environmental protection and sustainable development. Bio-composting plants have been installed on our farms and we strive to recycle most of the waste generated by our production systems. In this context, a plant for the production of biogas energy from our chicken abattoir wastes is already in operation. This plant also treats all our processing plant wastes, the by-product of this process being further directed to a composting plant to produce organic fertilisers.



  • Vegetable production

Furthermore, we are also setting up greenhouses to produce vegetables and fruits in line with smart agriculture practices (agriculture raisonnée). We will be using the composts generated above in these greenhouses, hence closing the recycling loop. This is consistent with our ISO 14001 certification obtained in 2014.



  Meaders Feeds Ltd (Animal Feeds)

With the acquisition of a controlling interest in Meaders Feeds Ltd in 2010, a manufacturer and distributor of animal feeds, we have achieved vertical integration of our production processes.

Meaders Feeds Ltd started its operations in April 1994 and has now established itself as a significant player in the manufacturing of animal feeds. Apart from poultry feeds, its range of products also includes feeds for pigs, ruminants, rabbits, aquaculture, dogs and primates.

With technical support from South Africa and Europe for the local implementation of the latest innovations and breakthroughs on animal nutrition, Meaders Feeds in turn extends free technical support to all farmers on aspects related to farm management.

The quality certifications of Meaders Feeds include ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and AFMA Code of Conduct compliance (Animal Feed Manufacturers Association - South Africa). It operates a modern laboratory with the latest NIR equipment, which ensures that the various products delivered to customers strictly comply with specifications.


Meaders Feeds has obtained the Business Excellence Award for large enterprises, a recognition of the determination of the Company to continuously seek to improve the quality of its products and services.


It is now expanding its operations in the region, namely with the incorporation of a subsidiary in Seychelles.





International Activity and Exports

Moçambique Farms, Limitada, Mozambique


In 2005, building upon our 40 years of experience in the poultry business, we set up a poultry operation with broiler farms and a processing plant in the Maputo area, in Mozambique. We are currently the majority shareholder in Moçambique Farms, Limitada.

In December 2013, we completed the renovation of our farm houses, and our chicken are now bred in a controlled environment. We are gradually expanding our production, with initial focus on the Maputo market, where there is a growing demand for locally produced chicken.




Poulet Arc-en-Ciel Ltée


Poulet Arc-en-Ciel Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of Innodis, which is engaged in broiler chicken production. The combined production of Innodis Ltd and our subsidiary Poulet Arc-en-Ciel Ltd makes us the market leader in the island.