Consultancy (Poultry Production)

Starting with Nigeria and Angola, we have made significant inroads in Africa with the provision of our consultancy services in poultry production. These include, among others:

A preliminary assessment of the proposed project in terms of suitability and justification;
An in-depth market research scanning the Political, Economical, Social, Technological environment and a Porter 5- Forces analysis reviewing status of suppliers, buyers, competitors and entry barriers;
Design of business model;
Prefeasibility study regrouping all above information and showing possible alternatives;
Assistance in designing the project model, the production plan, getting proposals from qualified suppliers, drawing RFP and RFQ documents with technical specifications and advice;
Preparation of a project plan with deliverables, scope and time lines;
Project follow up, excluding on-ground support for execution of works - although this can be available on demand;
Upon project completion, we also provide management, assistance on recruitment, training and support for the first years of operations.




ISO 22000 certification in 2009


In February 2010, an agreement was signed with Food Concepts Plc, a Nigerian conglomerate, for the provision by Innodis of such consultancy services in setting up a chicken business in Nigeria.

Food Concepts has been a major player in the food sector in Nigeria for several years, more particularly in the fast food and bakery business. Figuring in the top 5 of local companies engaged in food production and distribution, it operates its fast food chain under its flagship brand Chicken Republic™ (around 70 outlets across Nigeria and Ghana).

We have also been assisting Food Concepts Plc in designing and managing the poultry production project as well as providing management assistance in the initial stages of the operations. The project is now nearing completion with the construction of the processing plant and cold room.

With this cross-border agreement, Innodis has become one of the first local companies to export its knowledge base to Nigeria. The west-African country, with a population base of some 150 million inhabitants, is hailed as a promising market.



After Nigeria, we have also extended our services to Angola, namely to Sonangol, a para-statal body and the sole concessionaire for exploration of oil and gas exploration on the subsoil and continental shelf of Angola.

The company is responsible for the exploration, production, manufacturing, transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons in Angola.